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We help raise profit margin in e‑commerce on the increasingly competitive market, thanks to a breakthrough approach to data analysis and prediction algorithms using artificial intelligence mechanisms.

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Current product version
Customer loyalty analysis
Analysis of the size of one-time buyers, occasional and loyal customers and assessment of each segment value.
Orders analysis
Analysis of the number of orders placed by customers over time. Generation of campaigns based on time of order.
Purchased products
Analysis of products purchased by customers with customers segmentation based on purchased products. Generating campaigns for people buying selected product groups.
Analysis of the best-selling categories, brands and individual products in selected periods.
Sales trends
Analysis of trends and sales volumes of products categories over time.
Margin analysis
Analysis of discounts and their impact on the overall margin.
RFM customers segmentation
Automatic customer segmentation based on RFM method (Recency, Frequency, Monetary Value).
Customer Adoption Patterns
Automatic segmentation of clients based on their price sensitivity.
Market basket analysis
Identification of products commonly bought together for product recommendations.
Peak sales prediction
Forecasting sales growth of product categories over time. What category and when will peak soon?
Purchase sequence rules
Generation of the rules and probability of buying next products by the customer, allowing to generate precisely targeted campaigns.
Next purchase prediction
Automatic prediction which products will interest individual customers based on their purchase history.
Daily campaigns
List of recommended promotions to be launched today / in a given week / month with a list o recipients in order to achieve the highest sales.
Purchase recommendation
A real-time recommendation engine presenting the most interesting product to the customer.
Graphic ads generator
A tool for publishing graphic ads with recommendations on the website or in the newsletter.
Instant cross seller / up seller
Up-selling recommendation tool suggesting additional products after placing an order.
Customer Lifetime Value
Analysis of benefits resulting from relation with customer. Customer segmentation based on their value.
Mobile app
An application enabling to browse business analysis using a mobile device.
Discount prediction
Predicting an optimal discount for the customer that maximizes the overall margin value.
Dynamic pricing
A mechanism calculating the price of a product basing on moment of time, demand, availability, customer interest and competition prices.

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I hereby give my consent to receiving marketing information from Upsaily and Unity Group, pursuant to the Article 31 of The Act of August 29, 1997 on the Protection of Personal Data. *

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